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What We Offer

Hi-Rx is a medical logistics company that specializes in the coordination of at-home care.


Through our ever-growing network of medical professionals, we are able to offer a wide range of services that includes medication education, drug administration, immunization shots, blood collection, and COVID-19 PCR testing, and many more.

Most of the services listed below will require a requisition from your doctor before a Hi-Rx appointment can be booked.


Getting the requisition should be easy!

Learn more about what you will need for every Hi-Rx visit by checking out our services below.


Blood Collection

Any blood collection that you may need!


Specimen Collection

This includes urine collection, 24-hr urine test, specimen pick-up & delivery, etc.

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Swab Testing

A quick swab for diagnostic purposes -- flu, strep, COVID-19, etc.

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Get yourself protected by receiving immunizations for flu, pneumonia, and etc.

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Any testing related to COVID-19: COVID-19 PCR, Antibody Testing, Spike Test, etc.


Care Visits

Nurse visits for routine care, medication education, and etc.

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