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The Hi-Rx community is dedicated to providing patients with the support they need. Whether they're embarking on a new treatment plan, need sutures removed, learning a new medication or just simply, need assistance at home: Hi-Rx is here to help.


We are wired by highly-trained medical professionals with expertise in different medical fields like primary care, pediatrics, oncology, and more.

If you are unsure of whether or not your medical needs fall under the umbrella of Hi-Rx services mentioned on this page, please do not hesitate to call as ask!


If we cannot assist you, we will do our best to find someone who can.


Hi-Rx can send a care specialist to your place of choosing for the following:


RN Visit

A registered nurse visits you at your place of choosing to perform care based on your needs

Routine Care Visit

A medical professional visits you at your place of choosing to perform routine care based on your preferences and needs (e.g. home assistance, vital signs check)

Education Visit

Beneficial for patients starting and learning a new medication (may include but not limited to drug administration)

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A visit from a registered nurse to perform basic medical care

Possible Services:

medication administration

suture removal

central line dressing changes

IV assessment and/or IV insertion

and many more +

Ask your doctor:

There are certain services (e.g. suture removal, IV insertion) that will require an order from your physician. You can have your physician send us an Rx indicating your request. The order can either be faxed to 860- 532-1922 or drop the order here. 


Feel free to call us at 203-920-4092 to check if you need an order for the service you want to request!

Keep in mind:

For blood collection and testing, the results go straight to the ordering physician. If you have any questions about your results, please follow up with your doctor.



More patients and doctors are looking for ways in which they can optimize the benefits of telehealth. Until now, the uses of telehealth have been limited by the doctors inability to gather vital information without an in person appointment.


With Hi-Rx, a medical professional can meet you at your home to give your doctor the ability to provide care that can be done in the home setting.


For example: Instead of waiting in a cold screening room to get your blood pressure taken, now, a Care Specialist can meet you in your kitchen!

Possible Services:

- vital signs check and monitoring

- wound care

- patient home assistance

- medication pick-up and delivery

and many more +

Ask your doctor:

There are certain services that will require an order or communication from your physician. You can either have your physician send us an Rx indicating your request or have them call us at 203-920-4092. Orders can be faxed to 860-532-1922 or drop the order here. 

Keep in mind:

Depending on your request, we match you with a care specialist that best fits your needs. Not all routine care visit requests requires an order -- please call us at 203-920-4092 if you have a request in mind and we will help you figure out what we need to facilitate your request!

If you have a service in mind that is not on the list, you can call us at 203-920-4092 and we would be happy to think of a way of how we can be of help.




The Hi-Rx community includes a wide network of medical professionals that are well equipped to provide patients with guidance when starting a new medication or treatment plan.

If you have recently been prescribed a medication that requires self administration or if you just want to learn more about a new medication you were prescribed, a Hi-Rx care specialist is ready to meet you at your home to help coach you through the best practices of self-administration.


Educational visits are especially helpful while undergoing treatments that require regular maintenance. Many patients experience a level of anxiety when tasked with administering their own medication. Having a Hi-Rx professional close by while administering the first few doses of treatment can provide a patient with a level of confidence and security that will carry them through the duration of the medication.

Keep in mind:

If you would be more comfortable, you can also book a Hi-Rx care specialist to administer the drug for you throughout the period of your treatment plan. Feel free to call us at 203 - 920 - 4092 or email us at if you are interested in booking a nurse for your new medication!

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