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Hi-Rx gives you the opportunity to receive high-quality care, from the comfort of your home or any place of your choosing.


Our goal at Hi-Rx is to make our product as convenient as possible for all parties, especially Physicians' Practices. From start to finish, we tailor our process to make it the most convenient decision you have made. Our services are designed to give you the ability to control the care that you receive.


Hi-Rx specializes in bringing routine medical care to a location that promotes your comfort and privacy. Choose a time and place that best suits your schedule and a Hi-Rx medical professional will meet you there.


A highly-qualified Medical Professional arrives promptly at the requested time, the service is performed, and (if necessary) the samples are delivered at the location that is best for the physician/patient. The results are communicated back to the physician the exact same way as if the you had gotten the service in a more traditional way.

What you have to deal with, without Hi-Rx

doctor (1).png

Rearranging your day to get a basic medical service like blood work
Driving to the your doctor's office or laboratory
Dealing with traffic
Spending 30 minutes - 1 hour (minimum!) waiting for your turn
Seeing your doctor and not having the results for your visit ready
Not having the right questions to ask when you're with your provider because you do not have the results ready
Waiting for an hour for a quick injection
& the list goes on...

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With Hi-Rx:
Your care, your choice





Hi-Rx gives you the ability to control the care that you receive. You only deserve the best care possible and you should be given the opportunity to make that choice.


With Hi-Rx, you only receive the highest-quality of care at your own convenience. You get to decide when and where you want your care. No settling necessary.


We prioritize bringing you care that promotes your comfort & privacy. Hi-Rx goes the extra mile to make sure that this is sustained from your start and end of your Hi-Rx experience.

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