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Is Hi-Rx covered by my insurance?

No. Hi-Rx offers routine medical care from the comfort of your home or any place of your choosing. This is therefore considered a convenience rather than an essential service. As such, the "convenience visit" will not be covered by your medical insurance. All lab work and testing will be covered by your insurance the same way that these tests would be covered if you visited the laboratory facility yourself. When you purchase a Hi-Rx visit, you are paying for a medical professional to visit your home and perform a procedure you would otherwise need to visit a healthcare facility in order to receive.

Hi-Rx does not have a billing department, but if you think that the Hi-Rx service is something your insurance would be willing to cover, documentation of your visit can be provided that you may submit to your insurer for reimbursement.

If Hi-Rx is not covered by insurance, why am I required to submit my insurance card?

For specimen collection appointments, after the Hi-Rx medical professional finishes collecting your specimen, they drive directly to the laboratory to drop your sample off for testing. The laboratory requires a copy of the patient's medical insurance in order to run and process the ordered tests through your insurance coverage. This information may also be needed for immunization appointments so that we can have your pharmacy process the charge for the immunization drug through your insurance.


When do I need a requisition?

Most Hi-Rx services require a requisition from your doctor before they can be performed. Blood testing, specimen collection, and swab tests like COVID-PCR require a requisition so that the laboratory facilities know where to relay your results. Immunizations require a requisition so that the proper materials can be collected from the pharmacy and then administered at your home. Drug administration, suture removal, or any kind of physical rehabilitation will require a requisition to confirm that a doctor has recommended treatment and assumes responsibility for the supervision of your care.

The only Hi-Rx visits that do not require a requisition are educational appointments, basic home care, vital signs check, etc. If you have are unsure if you need a requisition for your service, feel free to call us at 203-920-4092 or email us at, and we would be happy to help you.

How can I get a requisition from my doctor?

If you have identified a Hi-Rx service that you are in need of, call your doctor and let them know! If they agree that a Hi-Rx appointment would be the appropriate course of action, they can submit the requisition on our website or they can fax us a copy if that is more convenient. Our fax number is 860-532-1922.

If your doctor would like to know more about Hi-Rx, they can call us at 203-930-4092 or email us at We would be happy to walk them through the process.


How long does it take to get my test results?

Hi-Rx is a sample collection and delivery service and not a laboratory facility. All of your tests will be submitted directly to a laboratory following your appointment. The speed of your results will depend entirely on the efficiency of the laboratory facility where they are processed.

Once your tests are complete, the results will be relayed directly to your physician. For your privacy, Hi-Rx does not have access to your tests, but a member of the Hi-Rx team will always be happy to follow up with the laboratory on your behalf to check the status of your results. If you have any concerns regarding your lab testing or would like to request a follow up, please call 203-920-4092.


If you have any other questions, please call us at 203-920-4092 or email us at

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