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Hi-Rx gives you the ability to offer your patient convenience, control, and comfort --
without interrupting your workflow.


Hi-Rx was founded to connect three markets:


Patients in need of routine medical care, Physicians committed to providing their patients with the highest quality care, and Medical Professionals who are able to provide it.


Physicians would love to make their patients' lives easier by being able to provide these services at home, but capacity constraints make it impossible.


That's where Hi-Rx comes in.



Hi-Rx is built on the philosophy of Going the Extra Mile, for each of the customers involved. You can trust that Hi-Rx will go that extra mile for you and your patients.

With Hi-Rx, your office will be able to:

Enhance patient education & accountability

Our goal is to make medical care safer, more convenient and more controlled. We offer a wide variety of patient advocacy, navigation and education services. Our Care Specialists are highly-trained, and many are qualified to handle very specialized tasks.


Streamline patient care

If a patient schedules a visit with Hi-Rx before their appointment, results will be available to your practice before the patient arrives for their visit. 

Enhance telehealth capabilities

Telehealth is rapidly expanding, and many physicians have already discovered the benefits of performing some visits remotely. If your office is migrating some of its work to telehealth, Hi-Rx allows the physician to perform the physical aspect of a checkup over a computer screen. This will allow the practice to perform a greater number of visits remotely.

Heighten patient satisfaction

Hundreds of patients have already experienced the convenience of scheduling a Hi-Rx service, allowing them to avoid crowded labs & pharmacies.



We have found that there are many patients who are excited to have the convenience of having routine medical care performed in the comfort of their own home.


Hi-Rx offers a way for you to provide off-site care without the commitment of taking on the extra staff and administrative capacity.


With Hi-Rx, your office can trust that we are sending a highly-qualified medical professional to provide the very best off-site care, at the patient’s convenience. 

We guarantee three things:

Best Overall Experience

Any patient your office refers to Hi-Rx will be treated as part of the Hi-Rx family. More than just providing the best care, Hi-Rx is committed to providing the best care possible.

We work with YOUR workflow.

This will allow the practice to perform a greater number of visits remotely. We will work with your office's workflow, not the other way around. We are happy to make adjustments to our process to fit the needs of your office.

Hi-Rx will always be available.

We will always be available to speak with your office directly. We pride ourselves on our customer experience, and we will promptly address any questions or concerns.


If you want to learn more about us and how we can help your office, you can:


Call or Text

(203) 920 - 4092


(860) 532 - 1922


Drop a message


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