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Ask your MD about Hi-Rx

Whether you are interested in scheduling a one-time appointment or are in need of routine care, Hi-Rx could be the best choice for you.

Getting Started

We currently offer a number of services that you can choose from! If we do not offer the service that you are looking for, please call us and we can explore how we can be of help. 

In any case that the service you want needs a requisition or an order (e.g. blood draw, immunizations, etc.), please contact your physician to request this and let them know you would like to use Hi-Rx!


Your physician can either submit this here or fax a copy to 860-532-1922-- whichever they prefer!

If this is the first time your physician is working with Hi-Rx, let us know and we would be happy to give them a call and walk them through the process.

Our goal is to make this easier for you AND your physician.

The Process

Before or after an office visit or telehealth with your MD, your physician might recommend to do some blood work, injection, or learn a new medication to self-administer -- that's where we come in.

conversation (1).png

"Hi Doc, I want to use Hi-Rx!"

Simply tell your physician that you would like to use Hi-Rx for a service and we will take it from here!


Appointment: scheduled.

Our process is tailored to make it easier for you and your physician. We will walk your MD through the process and make sure everything is set before your appointment.

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Depending on the service & your needs, you will be matched with a medical professional that will meet you at your preferred time & place of choosing.


Comfort & Convenience: check!

Your Hi-Rx medical professional or who we call a "Care Specialist" will make sure that they provide you with highest quality of care.

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