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What To Expect:
Blood Collection


Hi – Rx specializes in making things convenient for you! We will assist you in scheduling your appointment at a time and location that work for you. We encourage you to prepare a location that promotes your comfort and privacy.


Please prepare your identification card (ex: passport, driver’s license).


Before collecting your sample, the Hi-Rx Care Specialist will ask you a few questions regarding your medical history and past experience with blood draws. Make sure to communicate any medications you may be taking that have blood thinning qualities with your specialist before they begin. If you experience anxiety while getting your blood drawn, make sure to indicate that as well. There is no such thing as over communication! Our Care Specialist wants any information that can help them provide you with the most comfortable experience possible.


Being well-hydrated may improve blood flow and make your veins more accessible. We recommend that you drink 8-10 glasses of water per day leading up to the blood draw appointment. Some blood tests may have specific instructions that prohibit you from drinking water beforehand. Make sure you understand the requirements of the tests ordered by your physician before the Care Specialist arrives for your appointment.


After establishing your medical history, your Care Specialist will set up the materials needed for the blood draw. When you are ready, they will start by placing a “tourniquet” on your arm to identify a “good vein” for blood draw. These can sometimes feel tight.  If you are uncomfortable, feel free to let your Care Specialist know and they will adjust it for you!


Once a “good vein” has been identified, they will sanitize your arm and insert a small needle into the vein. Blood will be drawn and it will run into the tubes attached to the needle. You might feel a slight pinch or discomfort when it is being drawn.


A gauze or a cotton ball will be placed over the puncture site and you may be asked to apply gentle pressure. This will help stop the bleeding and prevent swelling & bruising. Please leave this dressing in place for a short time (usually around 3-5 hours, unless advised otherwise).


Before leaving, your Care Specialist will make sure that you are feeling well. If you feel faint or dizzy, please let your Care Specialist know. If you experience any swelling, bruising, or pain after the appointment: applying an ice compress on the site, taking OTC pain reliever, or avoiding the use of the affected arm may help.


The blood tubes collected at your home will be stored properly and transported directly to the labs where they will be tested. Once the lab has processed your tests, the results will be communicated directly to your ordering physician. For your privacy, Hi-Rx does not have access to your results, however, a member of our team will always be happy to follow up with the lab to check the status of your results.

If you have any other questions, please call us at 203-920-4092 or email us at

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